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DIY Bandana Top x ‘John Lennon sunglasses’ 


Live fast, die young


M.I.A. for Modzik Magazine

waterfall ep tri angle 2014

iTunes; https://itunes.apple.com/album/salt-carousel-single/id762832934

I only worked like 2 hrs today because it wasn’t busy so I head to meet Sam near the city where she had been waiting to see the royals walk past for about an hour. They were about 4 hrs late and people had to be carried away from heat stroke. I gave up trying to find her in the hot sweaty crowd and decided to head to the well air conditioned GOMA (gallery of modern art). So I walk in all flustered like wtf am I going to look at while I wait for her and then I find this little bit of paradise downstairs in the kids section…


cyberpunk by -tf_tweeter- #flickstackr
want these so baddddd